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IC3 GS5 Exam 2 Labs

Gain hands-on expertise in IC3-GS5 Key Applications exam with IC3 GS5 Exam 2 performance-based labs. Performance-based labs are versatile - labs simulate real-world, hardware, software & command line interface environments and can be mapped to any text-book, course & training. IC3 GS5 exam 2 performance-based lab provides complete coverage of IC3-GS5 Key Applications exam and includes topics such as exploring common application features in Microsoft Access; using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access; collaborating with others when working in Microsoft Office; and so on.

Here's what you will get

IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5) is the newest addition to the IC3 Digital Literacy program. Like its predecessors, the GS5 certification is comprised of three exams: Computing Fundamentals, Living Online, and Key Applications. The Key Applications examination covers the most common features of the world s best spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation applications. And, with the release of IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5), this domain now includes app culture elements that will help the examinee understand how to obtain and maximize the use of some of the today s most popular apps.

Performance lab
Video tutorials
Exam FAQs
What is the exam registration fee? USD 35.50
Where do I take the exam? Certiport
What is the format of the exam? Multiple choice, performance-based, and knowledge-based.
How many questions are asked in the exam? The exam contains 45 questions.
What is the duration of the exam? 50 minutes
What is the passing score? 750

(on a scale of 0-1000)

What is the exam's retake policy? If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, the candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam. If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait 2 days (48 hours) before retaking the exam a third time. A two-day waiting period will be imposed for each subsequent exam retake. There is no annual limit on the number of attempts on the same exam. If a candidate achieves a passing score on an IC3 exam, the candidate may take it again.
Where can I find more information about this exam? To know more about the IC3-GS5-Exam-2-Lab, click here.
Which certification covers this exam?
What are the career opportunities after passing this exam?
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Computer Trainer
  • Office Administrator

Here's what you will learn

Hands on Activities (Labs)

  • Creating a blank database in MS Access
  • Starting and closing Microsoft Office applications
  • Creating a document using a template
  • Saving document in MS Word 2016
  • Copying and pasting data in MS Word
  • Changing orientation and setting page size in MS Word
  • Printing a document in MS Word
  • Selecting non-adjacent cells in MS Excel
  • Dragging and dropping data in MS PowerPoint
  • Checking spelling and grammar in MS Word
  • Undoing and redoing the changes
  • Using the cut and paste functions in MS Word 2016
  • Changing text to bold in MS Word 2016
  • Sorting data in MS Excel 2016
  • Hiding column in MS Excel 2016
  • Zooming document in MS Word 2016
  • Adjusting pictures in MS PowerPoint
  • Changing margins in MS Word
  • Changing text alignment
  • Enabling the ruler in MS Word
  • Breaking content into columns in MS Word 2016
  • Increasing line spacing in MS Word 2016
  • Formatting the text in MS Word
  • Creating lists in MS Word
  • Inserting table in MS Word 2016
  • Inserting rows and columns in MS Word 2016
  • Sorting a list
  • Inserting page numbers in MS Word 2016
  • Navigating between cells in MS Excel
  • Jumping to a specific cell in MS Excel
  • Searching a specific value in MS Excel
  • Changing alignment and orientation of cells
  • Changing the formatting of cells
  • Adding and removing rows and columns
  • Merging and unmerging cells in MS Excel sheet
  • Sorting data using color codes in MS Excel
  • Filtering data in MS Excel 2016
  • Using mathematical operators in MS Excel
  • Using relative and absolute references
  • Using the Average function in MS Excel 2016
  • Using the SUM function in MS Excel 2016
  • Inserting a chart in MS Excel 2016
  • Adding and removing slides
  • Applying themes in MS PowerPoint 2016
  • Adding and formatting text in a presentation
  • Inserting and formatting shapes in MS PowerPoint 2016
  • Formatting tables in MS PowerPoint
  • Inserting a picture and an object into a MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Inserting a video in MS PowerPoint 2016
  • Applying animation on images in MS PowerPoint 2016
  • Applying transition on the slide in MS PowerPoint 2016
  • Adding, modifying, and removing data in a MS Access database
  • Using Search in a Microsoft Access Database
  • Running a predefined report in MS Access database
  • Creating a form for a table in Microsoft Access Database
  • Enabling track changes in MS Word
  • Attaching files to an email in MS Outlook
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IC3 GS5 Exam 2 Labs
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