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CIW Web Security Associate Certification

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CIW Web Security Associate Certification

CIW Web Security Associate Certification is a vendor-neutral, entry-level credential. This certification validates your skills to establish effective security policies, and about the different types of hacker activities that you are most likely to encounter. This certification is targeted at IT security officers, firewall administrators, application developers, systems administrators, and network server administrators. The CIW Web Security Associate certification exam objectives are as follows:

  • Applying security principles and identify security attacks
  • Identifying firewall types and define common firewall terminology
  • Defining encryption and the encryption methods used in internetworking
  • Using universal guidelines and principles of effective network security to create effective specific solutions
  • Planning a firewall system that incorporates multiple levels of protection, including firewall system design, proactive detection, setting traps, security breach response, security alerting organizations
  • Defining the significance of network security, and identify various elements of an effective security policy, including risk factors, security-related organizations, key resources to secure, general security threat types, access control

Here are the skills measured in the CIW Web Security Associate certification exam:

  • Corporate network security policies
  • Ports and protocols that hackers manipulate
  • Preventing and managing hacker penetration
  • Proactive detection and response/reporting methods
  • Authentication procedures, encryption standards and implementations

uCertify offers study guide for the CIW Web Security Associate 1D0-571 certification exam. The comprehensive cert guide is designed to provide complete coverage of all the basic and advanced concepts covered in the certification exam.

Requirements for CIW Web Security Associate Certification

There are no pre requisites recommended by CIW for the Web Security Associate certification exam.

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Abraham Andresen
Whether you are looking to brush up your skills to take the exam or you are responsible for finding training that will meet the needs of a Web Security Associate and prepare you for the CIW Exam – this course meets the mark and excels! Great work on this masterpiece, uCertify.
Karthik Karur Maniaraas
As an online learner, I very much enjoyed each lesson in the way it is explained. Time to time quizzes, practice assessments, and practical labs kept me the course interesting throughout my course. This online course covers all necessary knowledge about security at an enterprise level. I would strongly recommend this course for all the beginners who would like to step into the world of web security.