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MCSE: Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

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Microsoft MCSE certification

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification is designed to ensure proficiency and skills in using Windows Server, System Center, and other Microsoft technologies. This certification confirms that experts have the ability and understanding to work, maintain, enhance, and troubleshoot different Microsoft technologies with proficiency. It approves their abilities to take care of complex issues requiring inventive resolutions, design systems, and complex solutions. Microsoft offers this credential with specializations in various domains: Business Application, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, Data Management and Analytics, and Mobility and Productivity. The MCSE exam validates your ability to:

  • Design systems and complex solutions
  • Solve difficult problems that require innovative resolutions
  • Build, deploy, operate, maintain, and optimize Microsoft-based systems

The MCSE training program certifies a candidate s ability in designing and developing technology solutions, integrating multiple technology products and brace multiple versions of a single technology.

uCertify provides the MCSE cert guide for various MCSE certification exams. The courses are well equipped with all the comprehensive learning resources that will help you learn all the key concepts required for passing the certification exams.

Requirements for Microsoft MCSE Certification

To be a MCSE certified professional pass MCSA certification exams and additional exams as per the selected MCSE technology.

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Great product. Helped me to focus on the primary objectives and work on the weak spots. Being a MCSE is always been a challenge. It builds a tremendous sense of confidence in me. An excellent study aid. I recommend it to all prospective MCSEs.