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Empowering secure and credible online assessments with uCertify's advanced proctoring solutions.

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Why Choose uCertify Proctoring:

At uCertify, we understand the critical importance of maintaining academic integrity in the ever-evolving landscape of online education. Our Proctoring solution is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges faced by educators and institutions, offering a comprehensive and advanced approach to secure online assessments.

With a track record of excellence in the education and technology sectors, uCertify has garnered trust and recognition. Our proctoring system is backed by a proven reputation for delivering reliable and accurate results.

Cutting-Edge Proctoring Capabilities

Discover a new era of exam security with our cutting-edge proctoring features, ensuring a trustworthy and secure assessment environment.

Password Protected Assessments

AI-Powered Face Scanning

AI-Powered ID Verification

360o Room Scan

Copy Paste Disable

Whitelisted URL

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Unlock a wealth of information with our comprehensive reporting and analytics feature, enhanced with media capture capabilities. Gain deep insights into student performance, behavior, and engagement during exams, supported by visual evidence captured in real-time. Our detailed reports empower educators to make informed decisions, identify trends, and continually enhance the assessment process.

Key Highlights:

Media Capture

  • Capture photos during face and ID card scans, providing visual verification of student identity.
  • Capture activity screen shots, including both the screen and face cam image, offering a holistic view of the exam context.

Behavioral Analysis

  • Dive into behavioral patterns during exams, supported by visual evidence, allowing educators to identify anomalies and maintain a secure exam environment.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

  • Identify and view suspicious activity during exams, enabling educators to address irregularities promptly and maintain a secure testing environment.

Download Report

  • Include a visually appealing "Download Report" button that educators can click to easily download the whole report, including captured media.
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